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Summer school ain’t what it used to be

in Community/Leipzig by

There really is something for everybody at this summer school.

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Wally loves life

in Arts/Leipzig by

Opera brought her here. Leipzig is making her want to stay.

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Keeping up with the Lions

in Leipzig/Sports by
The Leipzig Lions prepare to face the league's defending champions, the Rostock Griffins, on May 28th, 2016. http://leipglo.com

The Leipzig Lions will host the defending champs (Rostock Griffins) at the Ratzeldome Stadium on May 28th.

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WGT Goth Festival 2016: Picnic in the park

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig by

Simply striking. See for yourself.

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WGT Goth Festival 25 years young

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig by

More than your stereotypical Goth at WGT 2016 Victorian Village.

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Love, Musketeer

in Leipzig/Music by

A love letter to Leipzig, from a musician that can’t help but come back.

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