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We first heard from TiMMi last December. We’re quite happy their dream of an ethically responsible business is taking off. Founder Christina Kleinau catches us up and wants to meet us at the launch party for their new website.

TiMMi is a ride-sharing community for packages based in Leipzig. We started off coordinating donation deliveries as our contribution to helping refugees. That was November 2015.

Since then, we’ve gotten very nice feedback, such as from Christoph Graebel (project manager, Sachspendenzentrale Leipzig):

“Timmi significantly helps us get the kind of donations we need. Without volunteer transportation services, Sachspendenzentrale Leipzig would be unable to function.”

We have continued to develop the platform so that private individuals can request deliveries and offer a monetary reward for the service. This includes requesting deliveries from their favourite local shops. In particular, we have been reaching out to all the Leipzig Locals we know produce high quality, one-of-a-kind products so that we can feature them as delivery partners.

One of our partners is Food Assembly, where you can get locally grown foods delivered to your doorstep and also talk to the growers personally. This way, you cut out the middleman and reduce your carbon footprint.

There is also Animal Herbs, to keep your pets healthy organically. They offer alternative medicines, dietary supplements and food. We love their dogs Motte and Mio, and we love the concept of turning to nature to heal.

And then there’s Lotta’s Kaufladen, where you can can get refurbished secondhand furniture. They do all the work themselves. Each piece is a labor of love. Why have the same thing everyone else does, when you can have something charming and original? Every room needs a focal point.

It’s easy to shop at TiMMi. Just scroll down to the green squares at the bottom and click on shop@TiMMi.  Then just click on a shop to find out what they offer. This is one of the features that will be made easier on the new website, but you don’t have to wait til then.

The list of shop partners is growing on a daily basis, and we have over 300 keen TiMMi Transporters raring to deliver their products.

Our vision is to create a company that is actually more like a community.

Leipzig is a great place to play by a different set of rules from those which typically apply to businesses. A lot of innovative social ideas are being born here, and we’re proud to be part of the movement.

So, whether you want to earn a few extra euros taking on transportation jobs or get a taste of the unique products being produced by Leipzig Locals, having them delivered to your door… you should be a TiMMi too!

Come celebrate and meet the TiMMi community on the 19th of August for the launch of our new website!

Social Impact Lab
Weißenfelserstraße 65H
from 7pm

By Christina Kleinau

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