Podcast and video: “I am human”


Whether you are celebrating the holidays or just your life, we can all agree that the world should be more humane. That’s why we’ve chosen today for our official release of I am human.

We are also proud to welcome veteran radio broadcaster Ray Kirstein.

If you missed the I am human premiere at the end of November, don’t worry. Ray was there to capture it for you. The film is the realisation of the poem by the same name.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/ana-beatriz-ribeiro/behind-the-scenes-at-i-am-human-premiere/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Ray talks to the poet, Abdulsalam, about the concept behind the poem, as well as to the filmmaker, Jason Joel. Ray is passionate about the power of radio as a community building and mission enhancing medium, and is excited about the growing potential of the internet to expand this power.

Janne Steinhardt performs "Wandering" at "I am human" premiere at Helmut
Steinhardt’s “Wandering” at “I am human” premiere, Helmut

Also on the premiere’s program was a choreographic interpretation by Janne Steinhardt of another of Abdulsalam’s poems, Wandering. The evening was rounded out with maeshelle west-davies‘ film Chair.

And now that you’ve listened to the podcast and know the back story, we present I am human.

Ray Kirstein is a veteran radio broadcaster who quite literally was born into the medium: At age 6, he debuted in the role of the Easter Bunny on a community radio program produced by his parents in Rochester, NY (that was in the Lithuanian language; English came somewhat later).  He somehow parlayed this into a career that has included on-air work in five states, several program director positions, and four years as a producer at Sirius Satellite Radio. Ray is currently Creative Services Director at Air America Radio. Testing the boundaries of time and space, Ray has most recently been living in Leipzig, Germany, while producing State of Belief and casting a skeptical eye at the intersection of American government, politics and religion from afar.

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