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Exciting news this Monday, which you can make use of to plan your social life for the rest of the week! LeipGlo has a new partnership with the local Wootodo platform: Now, we serve you fresher feedings of cool events going on around Leipzig. You can also upload your own events for free, to appear on our website as well as on their app and other channels.

Their team was looking to reach more people, and we were looking for someone to make our events listing more up-to-date, more often, with more entries. Win-win.

If you just wanna check out the events on LeipGlo, visit the new WOOTODO IN LEIPZIG page. If you wanna publish your events on the page, download the Wootodo app.

Organized by date, our WOOTODO IN LEIPZIG page has a table of contents that lets you jump to the date you want. It also tells you what type of event it is and how much it costs. When longer descriptions are available than the initial blurb, you can click on the arrow to read more. If you click on the event location, you land on a map that pinpoints it.

The Wootodo folks are taking care of the upload process, as well as curation and maintenance of the event feed. So LeipGlo does not take responsibility for what’s being uploaded – we still have our original LEIPZIG EVENTS page, with some highlights we put in manually from time to time. But the WOOTODO IN LEIPZIG page will be updated a lot more frequently. It’s got descriptions in German and English, depending on the language the event is uploaded in. So if you’d like to read more in English, you can help by uploading some yourself!

Selfie of and by the Wootodo Team, in their Leipzig office.
Selfie of and by the Wootodo team, in their Leipzig office.

To introduce the Leipzig-based Wootodo team to our audience, I conducted a short interview via their product owner.

What do you guys do, exactly?

Wootodo is an event community aiming to showcase the “klein aber fein” events in Leipzig. A perfect way to find out more about the future workshop, exhibition or other happenings in Leipzig. It’s also a place for people to come back after the event is over, to share their experiences from their own perspectives. By using the hashtag #wootodo, you can help connect all the event media into one great picture.

To make creating and finding events easier, Wootodo created an app too. Even though it’s still going through improvements, the playful event markers on the map and hashtag filters seem quite fun to use.

What was the main motivation behind creating Wootodo as an offspring of your startup, Meetle?

The main drive of Wootodo was to fill a gap in the Leipzig scene – to help people find the so-called missing, or simply “hidden,” events. Lots of people mentioned that there aren’t enough hobby meetups, alternative events or free workshops. But the truth is, there are plenty; it’s just not that easy to discover them.

Therefore, the key quality of the events shared by Wootodo is passion. Most of the event platforms concentrate on the greater events – and usually more expensive ones – whereas the Wootodo team really tries to pick out the most hidden gems.

We focus on the organizers who create events out of passion and don’t charge a million for attendance.

Of course, some popular festivals like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Jazz Days will also be there, because they are just awesome.

How long has it been going?

The idea of Wootodo was born in August 2018, and the app started taking shape around October. But only from the end of the year did we start meeting with organizers and trying to present the Wootodo community to more people. For this, we created an Instagram account; Twitter account; Facebook page and group; and only recently, in 2019, a website.

Where is the platform at, and what does it aim to become?

We are still early in the process, in the phase of spreading the word. Our aim is to build a safe event community where people can find what they are looking for, not limiting themselves to parties or concerts, but having more choices and budget-friendly options. To make it happen, we want more organizers to enter their events into Wootodo, so we are looking for passionate people to work with as partners, who would like their happenings to be discovered. If you are one of those people, contact Wootodo via our online form.

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