Leipzig Career Hacks vol. 4: How to reach career-related organizations with Stadt Leipzig's Welcome Center
Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 4: How to reach career-related organizations

“Leipzig Career Hacks” continues to resounding success


Our Leipzig Career Hacks online sessions are already entering their fourth installment. We could not be happier to welcome Andreea-Madalina Moises from the Welcome Centre Leipzig as the speaker for Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 4: connect, which will take place at 6 PM this Friday. She will be talking about what this city-run institution can offer you in terms of connecting you with the organizations you need to navigate life and career in Leipzig.

Looking back on our previous sessions, we are so proud of how wonderful this series has turned out to be. From perfecting your CV for German employers to jumping through all the hoops to get a visa to finding actual job opportunities from our network of startups, the online sessions have been a true pleasure to host for us and a great service for our community during these trying times.

Andreea-Madalina Moises, Career Hacks vol. 4 presenter, Welcome Centre Leipzig.
Andreea-Madalina Moises, Friday’s presenter, photo courtesy of Welcome Centre Leipzig.

We have gotten lots of positive feedback from participating companies and audience members who obtained very valuable resources from the sessions, with some interactions even turning into job interviews afterwards.

In case you missed our previous Leipzig Career Hacks, here is an overview on what we talked about and some resources from them that you can still use.

Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 1: the CV

The series kicked off with a fantastic presentation by Susanne Benko from Uni Leipzig’s Career Service. She told our international crowd all about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the German hiring process. Susanne took the time to answer our community’s questions and had many universal guidelines to offer that can increase your chances in the job market. She was also so kind as to share her slides, which you can find in our article on the talk.

Slide from Leipzig Career Hacks vol. 1: CV by Susanne Benko
Slide from Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 1: the CV, by Susanne Benko

Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 2: the visa

In our second installment, we got to host Lara Kusnezow and Richard Zießler from the Expert Information Center on Immigration. This talk was aimed at all the internationals having to wrangle the arduous process of obtaining and retaining visa status in Leipzig. Their expertise was a huge help to a lot of the attendees of the talk who got to voice their questions and uncertainties about the process. In turn, Lara and Richard were able to offer up expert advice and guide our community towards resources and contacts that will give them the information they need and help them advance in the jungle of immigration minutiae. They were also generous in sharing the slides from their in-depth presentation which include a multitude of helpful tips. (Access the full pdf file now: Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 2: the visa)

Slide from Career Hacks Vol. 2: the visa, by Lara Kusnezow and Richard Zießler

Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 3: startups

Now with CV and visa all set, we were ready to take the next step and connect our community with the vibrant Leipzig startup scene. In collaboration with SpinLab, we brought together a whole slew of representatives and CEO’s from some of Leipzig’s most exciting up-and-coming businesses. Each got to share their company’s vision and what they look for in prospective employees. After this brief introductory period, every startup split into their own online room to welcome applicants individually and link up with our community’s many talented job seekers.

SpinLab offices Marina from Career Hacks vol. 3
Marina and colleagues at the SpinLab startup accelerator, photo courtesy of SpinLab / Startup Mitteldeutschland

Here you can find a list of all the companies’ representatives, websites and contacts:

> SpinLab
marina@spinlab.co (Marina Chkolnikov)

> Startup Mitteldeutschland Job Board
> Talent Pool where you can upload your CV and let startups find you

Follow Startup Mitteldeutschland on Instagram

> Basislager Coworking (co-working space in Leipzig with online events and newsletter)


> Vesputi
Linus Frank: linus.frank@vesputi.com

> Neufield/Indeework
Anja Balzer: anja.balzer@indeework.com

> Rhebo
Anne Reinke: anne.reinke@rhebo.com

> The Nu Company
Inés Rogge: ines.rogge@the-nu-company.com

> Dashbike / Dashfactory
Lelia Koenig: lelia.koenig@dashfactory.de

We look forward to welcoming you to Leipzig Career Hacks Vol. 4: connect, this Friday, 26 Feb, 6-7:30 PM. Click HERE during that time window to join the Google Meet session, no pre-signup necessary.

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