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Chrissy Orlowski is a new Leipziger. She comes from Canada, and has Portuguese-German background. She enjoys exploring different cultures, challenging herself, and learning from other peoples’ stories; just part of what brought her to living in Germany. She is particularly interested in how and why people move around the world which influences and shapes their identities. This stems from her university life as a cultural analyst. If you’d like to see what else Chrissy has to say, check out, her way to capture and share her experiences.

Pop goes the bibimbap: where to find it in Leipzig

in Food/Glocal/Leipzig tips
Bibimbap served on a table
Image by changupn from Pixabay

Try out your new (or already beloved) favorite Korean dish, bibimbap, at two restaurants in Leipzig.

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5 cafe hangouts not to miss in Leipzig

in Food/Leipzig tips
Cafes not to miss in Leipzig
Image by engin akyurt from public domain

“Do you enjoy meeting friends over a cuppa? Having solitary reading or study time, indulging in a sweet treat, or just being out? Me too! Follow along to my top 5 cafe hangouts around Leipzig.”

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Feeling all hyggeIigt in Copenhagen

in Culture / Entertainment/Travel
Image by manusama, public domain
Image by manusama, public domain

“I was spoken to more during my first moments in Copenhagen than in my first week in Leipzig. Be helpful to a stranger, period. Be kind to the person sitting across from you in public transit, period. It’s not a difficult behavior to participate in, I promise.”

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Walking through Leipzig’s Winter Wonderland

in Leipzig tips/My Leipzig
Winter-lined path to Leipzig Town Hall.
Winter-lined path to Leipzig Town Hall.

“You decide… today you will look directly at the sights around you for what they are: frozen.” No two winters – or even two seconds – are totally alike. Here’s an invitation to pause and take in the moment.

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A Canadian’s first Christmas in Leipzig

in My Leipzig
Feuerzangenbowle stand at the Leipzig Christmas Market.
Feuerzangenbowle stand at the Leipzig Christmas Market. Public domain photo

“Majestically entranced by the Christmas season in Germany, I cannot help but think back on it, and on each of the Sundays throughout December.”

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Hibernation & nostalgia with cheese noodles

in Food
Käsespätzle - German cheese noodles.
Käsespätzle - German cheese noodles.

“As the days shorten and the temperature lowers, the winds bellow, and the sky darkens, I find solace and comfort in the hefty meals to consume.”

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