SAD: using poetry as medicine


Medicine has an anesthetic relationship with pain – it wants to rid the patient of it. Poetry’s relationship is aesthetic – it wants pain to speak.


Friends, an itinerant person’s sacrifice

Having lived in five countries, I can finally understand the pricelessness of being able to count on what feels like an unmoveable harbor. Wish I had one.


Learning German: my zillionth attempt

Come join me in the shared misery and mirth of learning German in an offline course in Leipzig!


Die Villa and its legendary Sprachabend


"In Die Villa I have learned Slovak and a few words of Esperanto; I have practised Arabic; and I feel like I am well on the way to finally mastering French slang."


Moritzbastei: lunch at the old city fortress


Moritzbastei is hard to miss - it's a huge building located in the city center, right next to the main Leipzig University campus. If you live or have been to Leipzig, you've probably at least walked by it. It's a popular tourist attraction and cultural center, hosting concerts, plays, and other events, besides serving yummy


Gemrieli: a taste of Georgian hospitality


It is said that if you can touch the table with one finger between the many dishes at a Georgian supra, there are not enough! Georgian hospitality is the stuff of legend. Traditional home-cooked food and fine wines attracted 1.6 million international tourists to Georgia in 2022 – many on gastronomic and wine-tasting tours. So