Bianca Otero finds the peace in Schrebergartens


Klein- or Schrebergartens have formed an integral part of society since their inception in the middle of the 17th century in Germany. From there, they spread to the rest of Europe during the 18th century. Since then, their meaning has changed many times. Not only in the East and the West, but throughout the World


Ask Prudence: Connection and Boundaries


Dear Prudence, I am a Master’s student at Uni Leipzig and I have been here since the start of the first semester in October. However, I am struggling to meet people outside of my class. Especially with restrictions limiting our access to other people anyway! I am looking both for friends and potential partners. Where


A Roadmap to Grieving


Are you or someone you know grieving? If you’re currently helping refugees or going through any type of life change, this will be for you. Anytime we leave behind life as we know it, we actually mourn that which we’ve left behind. Be it for something small like moving apartments, or big like fleeing a


Fragrant Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup


This fragrant sweet potato and red pepper soup is the best way to beat the winter blues! Your body will thank you for the immunity boost and the addition of the red chilies will warm you right up. Ingredients: 2 red birds-eye chilies 2 medium red onions (diced) 1 medium sweet potato 3 red peppers


Uncharted: Twenty Questions with Peter Seaton-Clark


Peter Seaton-Clark made his international film debut a week ago with Uncharted, the box-office hit adaptation of the popular video game series. He was born in Barnstaple, England, and has been living in Leipzig with his wife, Nicola Seaton-Clark, since 2003. They have two children and two cats, Boris and Bagheera. Peter and Nicola are


Hassan Haddad – von einem, der seine inneren Felder bestellt


Artist Hassan Haddad is the newest subject in our beloved column Künstlertext. Nils Müller writes lyrical musings based on the works of Hassan.