Michael Raschke: “When they opened the Berlin Wall, I cried”


As Leipzig prepares to honour the demonstrators who brought the communist dictatorship of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) to an end, Jane Whyatt discovers an unsung hero of October 1989 with a different view of history.


The famed Prix de Tacot soapbox race returns

After a three-year hiatus, the Prix de Tacot soapbox returns on 3 September.


The History of the Leipzig Marathon


LeipGlo sports writer Alfred Weis looks at the history of the Leipzig Marathon, which started with just a few hundred runners in the 70s.


The Baroque period meets the Space Age


Saxony is full of majestic palaces and castles, some of them famous, others not so much. Schloss Hubertusburg in Wermsdorf belongs to the second category. However, it is an impressive building with a large garden and a beautiful baroque facade. In its long history, however, the hunting palace of King Augustus the Strong has never


Rediscovering Görlitz’s Jewish history


The Eastern Saxon city of Görlitz was once a thriving Jewish community in the greater area of Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz). Persecution by the Nazis decimated the community entirely during the Shoah. Nowadays the city is divided into a German part, Görlitz, and a Polish part, Zgorzelec. A young American woman living in Görlitz, Lauren Leiderman,


Book launch: The Poesie Book of Eva Goldberg


The poesie book of Eva Goldberg traces the escape of the Goldberg family prior to the start of the Second World War. Their flight began in Görlitz and lead via the Netherlands and Great Britain to the USA. Eva Goldberg grew up in Görlitz and had a very happy childhood. She often traveled to Amsterdam

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