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eCommeleon: on hopping continents to land in Leipzig

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eCommeleon offers adaptable modes to fit the needs of e-retailers. (Photo: Ante Hamersmit / Unsplash)

eCommeleon is a highly adaptable e-commerce startup founded by foreigners in Leipzig, seeking international-minded staff in the areas of IT, sales and marketing. Check out some insights from co-founder Jesse Wragg – a Brit with Australian and German paths.

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Meet Germany’s first ParaCheer team

in Events/My Leipzig/Sports
L.E. Dancers, photo credit: Felix Kunto

Cheerleading jumps into the present with the inclusion of ParaCheer – and Leipzig comes out at the forefront. Learn more about the local team and how you can help them get to a competition in Orlando, Florida.

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Meet the Editor-in-Chief Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

in Events/My Leipzig
Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

Come to hear Ana Ribeiro speak about LeipGlo. Come see the work of Max Pommer. Come to further Interculturalism in Leipzig.

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Would Karl Heine be Karl Heine without Noch Besser Leben?

in Arts/Business/My Leipzig

Noch Besser Leben needs your help urgently. It is in danger of closing now, if it doesn’t raise €12,000 right away.

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Wampanoag: thanks, but no thanks

in History/Philosophies/Society
The first Thanksgiving between the settlers and the Wanpanoag painted by Ferrie 311 years later

As we try not to talk about politics, religion or one’s love life in an effort to keep dinner pleasant, I hope we give thought to those who are not celebrating this holiday.

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Leipzig Events: Catch your breath for March 10-15

in Events/Party
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

You’ve got to read to believe the variety. And put on your training shoes to run from one to the other…

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