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Glitch AG Looks at why Women Protest


HIM: “Can you help me?” HER: “I can try.” HIM: “Where’s (mumble)Street?” HER: “I’m sorry. I don’t know.” HIM: “Do you have a boyfriend?” HER: “That’s not really relevant.” HIM: “Do you want to go for a drink?” HER: “No, thank you.” HIM: “Are you a prostitute?” HER: “No.” HIM: “Do you need money?” HER:


ETL: Philoctetes, a tale of morality


English Theatre Leipzig's newest production Philoctetes is a tale of morality, of a hero who suffered great misfortune. Odysseus returns to Lemnos to get Heracles' bow, but Philoctetes is still alive. Neoptolemus initially agrees to deceive Philoctetes, but ultimately chooses compassion.


Eurydice: love, obsession, loss, and reconnecting


English Theatre Leipzig is staging a new play, Eurydice, at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig. Starting with the premiere on Thursday, September 5th, there will be 5 shows, so everyone will have an opportunity to see it. We had a chance to chat with the play’s director, Julia Kragh, to find out what to expect.


LOFFT current status: critical

The LOFFT brings cutting edge performances that reflect our time. It would be very disruptive to the Leipzig art scene were they to be without a stage.


Leipzig Events: International talent show and cultural evening, 24 Jan

A chance to show your talents to an international audience at Leipzig's Neues Schauspiel... or just come and watch.


Your chance to meet Pam de Bahr!


Your chance to meet Pam de Bahr! And catch up with and follow important reflections on the future of art, cultural policy and democratic practices in Leipzig and outside it.