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The magic in Britain’s drizzly bonfire season

in Culture / Entertainment/Travel by
Boy at bonfire. Public domain photo.

As these long nights roll in across the south coast, we hit back with a unique tradition that dregs up some of the dark, dirty and rebellious bits of English culture.

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The art of doing (almost) nothing at Eckernförde

in Lifestyle/Travel by
Mermaid of Eckernforde. Photo: Maximilian Georg

Eckernförde on the Baltic Sea was pleasantly idyllic, as much as an urban spot can be.

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The renaissance of space exploration

in Society/Travel by

This is an unprecedented moment in human history: The discovery of life on another world is likely to occur within our lifetime.

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Former Slovak president a wanderer at heart

in Culture / Entertainment/Travel by

“My presidency was a coincidence; I always wanted to be an explorer.”

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Bayreuth: our personal pilgrimage for Wagner

in Opera/Travel by

Welcome to the holy grail of festival tickets in Germany.

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Car cruising across South Africa

in Travel by
South Africa road scene. (Photo: public domain, Pixabay)

Farming and small towns and villages are placed in between beautiful semi-arid hills and open areas that span to the horizon.

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