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Former Slovak president a wanderer at heart

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“My presidency was a coincidence; I always wanted to be an explorer.”

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Bayreuth: our personal pilgrimage for Wagner

in Opera/Travel by

Welcome to the holy grail of festival tickets in Germany.

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Car cruising across South Africa

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South Africa road scene. (Photo: public domain, Pixabay)

Farming and small towns and villages are placed in between beautiful semi-arid hills and open areas that span to the horizon.

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Athos: Greece’s “Holy Mountain” on film

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Athos the documentary has lovely cinematography but fails to capture the spiritual depth of the Holy Mountain. Review and showtimes: http://leipglo.com

As a woman who is not allowed to step inside Athos, I have often found it interesting to read about the Holy Mountain and watch documentaries on it. You can catch a showing in Leipzig this Sunday afternoon.

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Accidentally kidnapped in Belfast

in History/Politics/Travel by

One wrong turn can lead to discovering the reality of living in a place.

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Day trip to mysterious Czech rocks and more

in Travel by

The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks were the grand finale (and my favorite part) of a fascinating, diverse excursion.

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