#LOVEzig: my beer or yours?


We want to welcome Theresa and Jon to Leipzig. Theirs is the perfect Valentine’s story, grown over experiencing good food and good beer together. That is the ultimate in sensuousness. Jon fills us in on how their paths became one.

I still remember my first sip of what is now being called ‘craft beer‘. That was seven years ago in the South London bar I was working in at the time. Admittedly I had no idea what the flavours I was experiencing were, why they were there or whether this was a ‘good’ beer. All I knew was that I liked it (the beer was ‘Sommerland Gold’ by Moor Beer if anyone’s interested, though unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to find it in England now let alone on the continent).

Since then my life’s become a single minded pursuit of flavoursome beers, each one bringing more cravings for something more intense than the last. Luckily, the bars and pubs I worked for facilitated that pursuit.

It’s always nice when your job and hobby collides in a shower of hops and malts!

Of course, it was at this time that I met my partner on this beer odyssey, and in life, Theresa. A Saxon living in London, She shared my passion for flavoursome beer and food. Together we spent the next few years trying as many different beers and foods as we could!

As the years passed we moved from London to Brighton to open a brewery bar that became the city’s best loved pub within its first year of opening. Learning more and more about brewing and expanding our horizons along the way, in September 2014 we were married in Theresa’s native Saxony. Although still living in Brighton, we knew it would not be long before we returned.

Theresa has always missed Saxony and we soon decided we were fed up of working for other people in a saturated beer scene in England. We made our minds up to move over here as soon as possible and fulfil our dream of opening our own bar! Leipzig seemed the natural choice to us, with its reputation for modernity and open mindedness as well as its strong growth rate. Of course it helps that it’s a stunning place to live with its green open spaces and gorgeous buildings.

Now we spend our days still in pursuit of new beers to try, but also happily getting to know our new city. There never is enough time though, what with me taking crash courses in German and Theresa working feverishly away at the mounds of paperwork needed to start up – all whilst trying to support ourselves at the same time. Though hopefully in the near future we can add our own place to the Leipzig map and anyone reading this, who is interested, can come and start their own beery adventure…

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by Jon Bird

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