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Loudine Heunis is a Masters student at Uni Leipzig who hails from sunny South Africa. She spent the last six years in South Korea, teaching English, and makes a mean kimchi. She worked in various capacities in the South African music industry and smack-bang in front of the stage (but never on it!) is her happy place. She loves traveling, meeting new people, cooking for friends, going to shows of all kinds, photography and art, and is an avid appreciator of the gorgeous canals of Leipzig. She has a baffling number of followers on Instagram who apparently share her love of aforementioned canals, as well as her sometimes dodgy food pics and the many, many pics hashtagged #studylife. She honestly has no clue why they are remotely interested in any of this.

Saturday fail and redemption at WGT

in Lifestyle/My Leipzig/What's on

The magnificent meets the mundane in this photo story starring obvious newbies and evident veterans of Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

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WGT 2019: going back to black in Leipzig

in Lifestyle/My Leipzig/Society/What's on

“Much as I adore Leipzig on any given day, I have never loved it as much as I do this weekend. Seeing so many interesting, quirky, stylish people dressed in shades and textures of black warms my heart.”

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The dubious delights of online dating in Leipzig

in Dating/My Leipzig
Online dating - and offline - can be quite tricky, especially in a new country. But our columnist is not about to lose hope.
Online dating, public domain photo

“Send over all your best eligible males, Leipzigers! I have a good feeling that in this lovely city, I might just find my half.”

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Together! The Grassi’s exhibit on communal living

in Arts/Reviews/What's on
Pöge Haus. (Photo: Esther Hoyer)
Pöge Haus. (Photo: Esther Hoyer)

“With the increasing demand for housing in big cities dictating property prices, and less space available for adequate housing, communal housing cooperatives offer a viable alternative to many families, as well as young or older people who can’t afford to – or choose not to – live alone.”

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Musketeer in Leipzig: Joseph and the spirit of Jim

in Music/Reviews

“The billowy white shirt, unbuttoned halfway, and the long, curly brown hair definitely helped to cement the image. However, it was during the plaintive opening strains of my first spin of the newly released single, ‘Kraken,’ that I first thought of Jim.”

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Musketeer releases the Kraken, plays in Leipzig

in Music/What's on
Musketeer returns to Leipzig. (Photo courtesy of Musketeer)
Musketeer returns to Leipzig. (Photo courtesy of Musketeer)

Two very lucky LeipGlo readers can win tickets to the Musketeer gig at Horns Erben by sharing this article on Facebook before 5 pm on Tuesday, 15 January.

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