Loudine Heunis

Loudine Heunis is a Masters student at Uni Leipzig who hails from sunny South Africa. She spent the last six years in South Korea, teaching English, and makes a mean kimchi. She worked in various capacities in the South African music industry and smack-bang in front of the stage (but never on it!) is her happy place. She loves traveling, meeting new people, cooking for friends, going to shows of all kinds, photography and art, and is an avid appreciator of the gorgeous canals of Leipzig. She has a baffling number of followers on Instagram who apparently share her love of aforementioned canals, as well as her sometimes dodgy food pics and the many, many pics hashtagged #studylife. She honestly has no clue why they are remotely interested in any of this.

ETL’s Cyrano de Bergerac: entertaining, but inconsistent


Our review of the new English Theatre Leipzig production Cyrano de Bergerac dives into the play's comedic and artistic qualities. Find out about the challenges of theatre during Covid in our exclusive interview with director Peter Hubbard and chairperson of the ETL Laura Shann.


ETL: Cyrano de Bergerac


The English Theatre Leipzig's newest project is the timeless story of Cyrano de Bergerac. We have an overview for you with exclusive photos of the Leipzig ensemble.


Review: ETL’s Philoctetes evokes the pain of betrayal


ETL presents an adaptation of the Greek classic, Philoctetes. Directed and translated from the original by Abigail Akavia, this innovative twist on an old tale explores human pain and redemption.


ETL: Philoctetes, a tale of morality


English Theatre Leipzig's newest production Philoctetes is a tale of morality, of a hero who suffered great misfortune. Odysseus returns to Lemnos to get Heracles' bow, but Philoctetes is still alive. Neoptolemus initially agrees to deceive Philoctetes, but ultimately chooses compassion.


TML not so light after all – a review


English Theatre Leipzig’s production of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (TML) is an excellent reproduction of the famous Neo-Futurist play by writer, director and actor Greg Allen. High energy, controlled chaos with a strong reliance on audience participation, this is not your usual, sedate night out at the theater. 


ETL: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind


"English Theatre Leipzig (ETL) presents a new show, starting this week: Greg Allen's Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I had a few questions for director Emily Wessel about this unusual production - '30 plays in 60 minutes' - and what makes it so different to other stage formats."

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