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Edmund de Waal: personal history through objects

in History/Literature/Reviews
Edmund de Waal's actual hare with the golden eyes

A personal memoir with all the elements I like; family, travelogue and art manual.

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Hanukkah: Let your light shine

in Glocal/History/My Leipzig
Photo credit: Dave Williss via / CC BY

Hanukkah traditions and the history behind them.

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Mawlid: Happy birthday Muhammad

in History

Today is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in most Muslim countries.

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Curators in South Korea: Ahmet Öğüt

in Arts/History/Reviews

How are we united through the deaths of others?

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First Advent: hope

in History/My Leipzig

Kids big and small love to light the candles, but what’s the story behind the Advent wreath?

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Wampanoag: thanks, but no thanks

in History/Philosophies/Society
The first Thanksgiving between the settlers and the Wanpanoag painted by Ferrie 311 years later

As we try not to talk about politics, religion or one’s love life in an effort to keep dinner pleasant, I hope we give thought to those who are not celebrating this holiday.

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