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Bitten by mosquitoes in Hong Kong

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“I thought back to my own noble discomfort at treating the poverty of others as a tourist attraction.”

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5 things I hate about Hong Kong

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A Hong Kong resident tells us why life for him in the hyped up city is far from fab.

“As a local, I was born and grew up here. Part of me always feels bewildered about the positive comments uttered from the mouths of tourists about this overcrowded city.”

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Happy in Hong Kong (Part I of series)

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Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Hong Kong. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

“So much light, so many happy people, a hotel just next to densely squeezed, Michelin-starred hot food stalls on the nearest street corner, and a burgundy shoe box shop offering all sorts of strange liquids and jellies.”

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Melbourne in the Year of the Rooster

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Rooster in Melbourne. Photo: Lito Seizani

Melbourne is a city booming with (Chinese) business, skyscrapers and sparrows.

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China Film Festival: a look behind the veil

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Film still from "River," to be featured in the China Film Festival in Leipzig. Photo courtesy Confucius Institute.

If you can’t go to China, China comes to Leipzig. @ die naTo, 9 thru 11 Feb.

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Searching for spring in Beijing – a photo story

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  • China-gallery-12.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery2.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery-3.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery-4.jpg?fit=768%2C533&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery-11.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery-6.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery-10.jpg?fit=768%2C498&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • China-gallery-9.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen
  • china-gallery1.jpg?fit=768%2C512&ssl=1
    © Timothy Van Gardingen

A blissful, colorful taste of China’s capital. Happy Chinese New Year 2017! Spring is right around the corner.

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