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Ch Ch Ch Changes

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My first piece for Leipzig Zeitgeist (LZ) about Leipzig Ballet was when Mario Schröder first appeared on the scene. It felt right. I was new. The company as we now know it was new. I went to my first after party that night. I mainly watched, but I did meet some people that would enrich my life. I must say it’s a far cry from my current after party shenanigans. How many years has it been? Five! It feels like yesterday and yet, like a lifetime.

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Tips for the perfect first date in warm weather

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Dating. Photo from Public Domain.

With summery weather still on, you wanna take the opportunity to make a memorable, warm first date.

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Leipzig Events: Catch WGT fever

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Did you know the world’s biggest gothic festival takes place in Leipzig?

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Leipzig Events: “Culinary construction site reading” at Leipzig north, May 16

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Intrigued by the title of this event-related post? Good. I’ll explain: Maike Steuer is in the process of transforming the site at Georg-Schumann-Str. 206 into an “intercultural cafe by September.” She invites you to come by Saturday, May 16, to check out the place, hang out, eat, chat and listen to some literature. Nice, cosy way to spend a springtime Saturday afternoon…

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#MoviesOmU: English language and other non-dubbed version showings in Leipzig, May 14-20

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Here’s our regular Wednesday listing of movies being shown in English and other original languages (with labels such as OmU, OF and OV) at Leipzig cinemas for the next seven days. Although not dubbed, they usually come with German subtitles, so you can still access the movie if you don’t know the original language but know some German. If this warm weather has brought you into some sort of Latin vibe (I know I’m feeling it), or if you want to enter such a vibe (I know I often do), you might want to check out the mini-festival TangoTage Leipzig, with related concerts, at the Schaubühne Lindenfels cinema this movie week.

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Another Leipzig: New Leipzig, North Dakota

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We virtually travel to tiny New Leipzig, North Dakota. https://leipglo.com
New Leipzig, ND, main street. Photo from newleipzig.com.

Old links to our Leipzig on the other side of the world. But oh the beer…

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