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Throwback Poetry: The empty, party-fueled aftermath of a #breakup and learning how to heal properly

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In the past, in the aftermath of a breakup from a long-term relationship, I tended to seek out constant external stimulation (besides validation). I tended to try to “stay high” on the rush of fleeting romances and parties that, after the fact, only left me feeling more alone and empty.

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Saturday, April 25: WERK 2 in #Leipzig goes all 80s

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There’s always something going on at WERK 2 in Connewitz: from party pop nights, 80s and electro to alternative classical music to various live acts of various genres to science slams to arts projects and courses. This Saturday, if you’re hungover from the pressures of work or school, an alcohol-fueled Friday night, or all the diverse cultural…

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#Haiku of the day (April 25)

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Daily haiku: Reset – We’re inching closer/ Shoulders and blankets we share/ Against the cruel past

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Dreaming up a new arts, culture, community and business hub for Leipzig, and looking for input

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Leipzig-based entrepreneur and IT professional Göran Nitsche has a lot to say about his cool idea of what to turn an abandoned building in town into, so I will let him explain it all to you, dear blog readers… An international and intercultural “FlatHub” for Leipzig: What could this be? – by Göran Nitsche Roughly…

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