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#Haiku of the day (March 12)

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Daily haiku: Solitude – Floors for solo waltz/ A love letter to yourself/ Time to read that book

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Confessions of a voiceover artist-turned-entrepreneur

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“The weird thing about voicing an advert is that at the point you think you sound ridiculous, you are actually about right. What you hear in your head sounds so over the top, but when dropped into the mix of images and music, it just fits. Voice artists live in a world of make believe and yet must believe in it with absolute honesty.”

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#Haiku of the day (March 11)

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Daily haiku: Loneliness – Floorboards sound like ghosts/ Spam crowds out your old e-mails/ Single bed feels big

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Reflections on a Visit to the Saxon State Museum of Archaeology

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“Through the sterile representation of ancient objects we are reminded that the non-material world was always illusion. The disenchantment that came with the enlightenment was merely a recognition of the true human condition, rather than a process that was rooted in a particular (materialist) ontology. The reduction of human history to technological evolution is the historiographical manifestation of this materialism. This narrative can be sold especially effectively in a city like Chemnitz, where ‘actually existing socialism’ has only very recently been replaced by financialised capitalism. Both ideologies reduce human history to its material dimensions.”

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Mark your Leipzig arts calendar: Leipzig Book Fair this week

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The Leipzig Book Fair is taking place 12-15 March at the Leipziger Messe: “The Leipzig book fair and its reading festival ‘Leipzig reads’ are the spring events of the book and media sector. Authors, readers and publishing companies meet to collect information, to engage in exchange and discover what is new.”

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