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July 2016

TiMMi: welcome to the party

in Community/Party/Start up
TiMMi team

From refugee donations to that must-have product from your favourite local shop, TiMMi delivers. Catch up with what the team’s been up to and meet them in August.

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Poem: “Rio gets the Olympics”

in Poetry/Sports
Instead of talking about fears over the Rio Olympics, we visit a poem I wrote full of joy and pride in my gorgeous, trouble-ridden hometown being made host.
Rio de Janeiro, host of 2016 Olympics. Public domain photo, Pixabay.

The announcement that Rio de Janeiro would host the 2016 Olympics represented a happier, more hopeful time than the actual games in this difficult period for the city and Brazil – I’d like to remember it here.

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Trump-nado: are we to blame, too?

in Opinion/Politics

Trump’s tactics have succeeded at driving the opposition into a rage that could crucially impair our logic and cripple our chances of defeating him.

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French White Dinner, Grünau style

in Arts/Food/Outdoors

How do you find your friends in a busy park? Have everyone wear white. And bring food.

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Terrorism in Europe: remembering the IRA

in Opinion/Politics/Society
detail of photo of the aftermath of an IRA bomb at the Houses of Parliament back in 1974 as seen in the Telegraph

Thinking back on the rash of terrorist attacks by so-called Christians in the hearths of the UK in the 1970s might help put things into perspective.

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Original version movies in Leipzig, 27 July-2 Aug

in Culture / Entertainment/Movies

What’s on at Leipzig cinemas this movie week.

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