Retrospective: our top stories of 2018


2018 is soon over. It was an eventful year, to say the least. Before wishing you a wonderful 2019, we at LeipGlo want to share with you the top stories (as in most popular) we published this past year.

These “5 most read stories” help us look back at the main events and topics of interest to you, our beloved audience.

So here are our top stories of 2018, in ascending order.

#5 – Racial discrimination in Leipzig nightlife

This story by our editor-in-chief tells her unpleasant experience at the popular Leipzig nightclub Flowerpower.

From the article:

“A male friend and I, both people of color, led the pack. One of the bouncers at the entrance asked us for our passports. I guess he instantly assumed we weren’t German. Would they have required that a German patron bring a passport? We didn’t have it on us, because why would we, out clubbing in the city we live? Not even the US Consulate in Leipzig is this strict – it lets me in with a photo ID.

“We tried to show the bouncer alternative identification, and my friend had a German residence card with a photo. I waved my temporary visa from the immigration authority – they haven’t yet issued my new ID card – but he dismissed it. I had a few photo IDs in my wallet, like my student and health insurance cards, but he wasn’t even interested in looking at them. Rejected.”

This story unleashed a slew of comments on social media, from internationals in Leipzig reporting similar experiences at this same nightclub, as well as at other establishments. A follow-up article is planned for next year.

Kept out of Flowerpower by bouncers. (Photo: public domain)

If you’d like to share with us your own stories of discrimination in the Leipzig area, email us at

#4 – Partaking in the popular gothic fest

No surprise that this was one of our top stories. Leipzig’s annual Wave-Gotik-Treffen has become an international sensation, and there was no way that LeipGlo would miss it:

“This is May. We are on the edge of northern hemisphere summertime. It’s a time of year when travel agents across the globe become Pavlovian dogs, salivating and lubricating their brass wallet clasps as blue-jean dads and soccer moms start requesting travel brochures for expensive all-inclusive trips to Europe.

“However, it’s also the time of year when these same travel agents begin to receive high quantities of puzzling requests from thousands of spooky-looking clients with very pale skin – and for some reason, they all want to travel to Leipzig.”

WGT 2018 preview feature photo maeshelle west-davies
Photo: Maeshelle West-Davies

This article is a great review of the event by Adam Carrington. Unlike other stories though, it acts as a teaser for next year’s gothic fest.

#3 – Beer!

I must say that this article was my personal favorite, and a worthy winner of the bronze medal. This story by Chrissy Orlowski takes us bar hopping through the streets of Leipzig:

“Weisse Elster creates a Pale Ale, Pils, IPA, and Red Ale, whose bottles you can find at different supermarkets (including Konsum and Edeka). When I spoke with Juliane about the beers, she mentioned that the Rotes Ale (Red Ale) uses cascade and summit hops, which are mostly grown in the United States. Doing this changes the variation of the traditional style of beer.”

Is there a better alternative to bar hopping in the search of great beer? This was a rhetorical question. The answer is of course, hell no! This article gives us a great insight into Leipzig’s craft beer and bar culture. If you like beer half as much as I do, this article is a must read.

Goldhopfen façade. (Photo © Chrissy Orlowski)
Photo: Chrissy Orlowski

#2 – Pining for Leipzig after moving away

Some people did not have Leipzig on their radar until a few years or months before moving here. The reasons to come here are many, like to study or jump-start your career. The reasons to stay are even more. Jessica Jacques tells us why:

“Goethe once called Leipzig Klein-Paris, or Little Paris. While the East German city may not be as famous as some, Leipzig is an attractive city for startups, students, artists, and internationals alike. Here are my top 6 things to enjoy there while you can…”

Top 6 things to enjoy in Leipzig.

Once in Leipzig, you come to realize that you only leave if you have to. So if you have to leave, make sure to enjoy all the facets that make Leipzig so amazing.

And now for our most-read story of 2018…

#1 – The height of English tragicomedy: Brexit!

Brexit can be a very funny thing – albeit in a ridiculous and sad way – if you are not a Brit or otherwise directly affected by it. But if you come from this European island, you are probably not laughing.

The main issue for Brits in mainland Europe is what will happen to their rights once Brexit occurs, which was a topic thoroughly addressed by Emma Corris:

“29 March 2019, a day like any other. Except it isn’t. If you are a Brit in Leipzig, this could significantly change your life, because it is the official exit date of the UK from the European Union.”

UK citizens - what does Brexit mean for those living abroad? Time to get informed and take action. (Photo: public domain)

“Nearly 80% of the 1.2 million Britons who live abroad in European countries are of working age or younger.

“Most make their living within the EU 27 states where they live. We now think this number may be even higher, with many leaving the UK for a European sanctuary after the referendum.”

With the government of Theresa May looking more and more like a sketch from Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean, their chance of a hard Brexit – without an approved and formal withdrawal agreement from the European Union by 29 March 2019 – is definitely higher than zero. Therefore, you can expect us to have follow-up coverage of Brexit once the dreaded “divorce date” nears.

From The Leipzig Glocal, we wish you a happy, peaceful, healthy & prosperous 2019!

Like 2018, the new year will bring many other important stories and events. But don’t worry, we’ll be there to cover them!

Are you in Leipzig and don’t know what to do? Here are some party recommendations for New Year’s Eve.

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