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Tips for Leipzig living or exploring.

When the queer and refugee struggles meet

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Homo-, inter- and transphobia have poisoned our communities through deeply digging its trenches into structures and institutions. Our response to this cannot be narrow-minded and racialized, but has to be a thorough and bold stance against discrimination as a whole. "When queer and refugee issues meet" (
Anarcho-queer collective Mashpritzot hold a "die-in" protest against Israeli pinkwashing and the perceived homonormative priorities of the LGBT support centre in Tel Aviv. By TMagen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Prejudice against queer communities is not installed in certain cultures and foreign to others, but a global power structure.

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Eat for cheaper at closing time in Leipzig

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App shows you when and where to eat for cheap in Leipzig as restaurants give you their leftovers to counter food waste.
App shows you when and where to eat for cheap in Leipzig as restaurants give you their leftovers to counter food waste. Public domain photo.

Local eateries will give you their leftovers for a very low price if you know when to show up. There’s an app for that, with participants in 11 countries (mostly in Europe, i.e. Germany and the UK, but also the U.S. and Australia).

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Meeting ‘Antarah at Die Villa

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We all know how it can feel to be a slave to a language or its grammar. With a bit of practice at Die Villa Sprachenabend, you can put this right, and help other people along their way at the same time. Who knows - maybe you will follow in ‘Antarah’s great footsteps and write poetry about your culture; become an ambassador for your country and your people. Or maybe you will stumble across the love of your life.
Antarah and Abla depicted on a 19th-century Egyptian tattooing pattern. Photo by Horemachet (Flickr) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

“In Die Villa I have learned Slovak and a few words of Esperanto; I have practised Arabic; and I feel like I am well on the way to finally mastering French slang.”

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Backstage with English Theatre

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This troupe is carving a firm spot for English-speaking productions in the Leipzig theatre scene.

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Barbecue in Leipzig’s parks

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CC0 Public Domain from Pixabay

Want to BBQ? Yes, there are rules for that too. Here’s your guide.

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Sunday brunch in Leipzig, anyone?

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I remember my first brunch. I  lived in Atlanta and a group of us went to the cutest little house that had been converted into a restaurant. The food, laughs and mimosas were endless. Sunday is the perfect day to brunch, and Leipzig has more and more on offer. But what can we expect? Well,…

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