Restaurant reviews - Page 2

Pizza LAB: a slice of Leipzig life


You lust after the wooden slabs with the steaming veggie pizza pies they've got in tow, following them with your eyes.


Celebrating the Church, cemetery and beer

Church before beer, you're in the clear?


LeckerLeipzig: Hit the B10


The chef "traded a life filled with celebs (e.g. Lenny Kravitz and Hillary Clinton) for a steady life in Leipzig, so he could be with his little girl. And for his second lovechild, B10, he settled on our very own Number 10, at Beethovenstraβe."


Yum Yum All You Can Eat 7€

Fill up Syrian style


Italian surprise at Bacco 36

Check out how our glocal food columnist made the best out of the disappointing winter-like curveball thrown into her quest for the best ice cream in Leipzig, happening upon a piece of la dolce vita somehow.


Restaurant review – Jimmy Orpheus at Leipzig west

When you enter the café you immediately feel the fifties ambiance from the lamps to the tables and chairs. Then comes the menu. Instead of opting for a classical printed menu, the owners opted to invest a bit more in the design. The doodles of the food and drinks totally worked for me. In terms