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Short story: “The snow shroud”

in Glocal/Literature by

He was like an old Indian or Egyptian king collecting a snow crown on his head. His head resting on his sofa pillow I stole from his room.

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Hanukkah: Let your light shine

in Glocal/History/My Leipzig by

Hanukkah traditions and the history behind them.

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Curators in South Korea: Gwangju follies

in Arts/Glocal/Politics by

The several follies in the city tend to create a structure, encouraging a movement from one place to another, while questioning the visitor about the habits and use of urban spaces.

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The jolly season starts now – let’s light it up

in Glocal/Places to see by

Excess is highly frowned upon, but I just can’t help it – somehow I love a Christmas Light Fight!

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Curators in South Korea: Bernd Krauß

in Arts/Glocal/Philosophies by

Krauß’s wandering is the predominant tool in this work.

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Farzad Kohan: Migration Stories

in Arts/Glocal/Philosophies by

Farzad says the reason we move is we no longer feel comfortable where we are.

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