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Dhar, Leipzig and stand-up comedy in English

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After glowing multicultural responses to his stand-up, I was curious over why, as an adoptive Berliner, the entertaining host from the UK chose this format and locale.

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Summer recipe: pan bagnat, “sun in a bun”

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Pan bagnat recipe to channel a beach holiday. http://leipglo.com

Snapshot of a happy, carefree beach holiday – in a bun.

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With friends like these

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Graduation, Veneto style: The insults in the papiro are sometimes biting, the secrets divulged are intentionally embarrassing, but I will admit that watching left me feeling a bit jealous.

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Glocal spotlight: Kuba the comedian

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The Polish Kuba dedicates himself to a show on Radio Blau, stand-up comedy with the Shameless troupe, and a 9-to-5 job. http://leipglo.com

Never getting into German comedy could be what nudged the Polish Kuba into English stand-up.

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Post-Brexit vote: united in divisions

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What can the EU learn from Brexit?

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English Breakfast, anyone?

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Please EU, just have a cup of tea and be patient, scrambled eggs are off the menu.

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