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Insider guide to the lakes around Leipzig

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It looks like the weather will remain good for the next couple of weeks… perhaps it is time to do a little exploring.

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The future of Kunstkraftwerk

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The overall feeling is not one of decay, but of renewal.

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Schleußig: Leipzig’s best-kept secret

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Yep, Leipzig is awesome. In general. But some neighbourhoods are clearly more awesome than others. Today I want to to tell you about Schleußig, which I think is one of Leipzig’s most amazing areas. No, that is not just because I live there, but as you’ll see, Schleußig arguably has more to offer than any…

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Who was Clara Zetkin?

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a very quick glimpse at Clara Zetkin

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The former Soviet Pavillion

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Relic or space of the future? a look at the Russian Pavillion

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Freiimfelde‬: Empty? or a blank canvas?

in Arts/Places to see by

Halle’s Freiraumgalerie is always open

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