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Body Awareness review: us under the microscope

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As you leave this thought-provoking play, there are many themes you can choose from to discuss over beer and wine at the bar.

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Dhar, Leipzig and stand-up comedy in English

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After glowing multicultural responses to his stand-up, I was curious over why, as an adoptive Berliner, the entertaining host from the UK chose this format and locale.

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Dealing with grief on the screen

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Small-time mafia, gentrification of the Bronx, drugs, secret love, bullying, racism, good food and wine, this show has many things to quench the viewer’s thirst for more.

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Glocal spotlight: Kuba the comedian

in Glocal/My Leipzig by
The Polish Kuba dedicates himself to a show on Radio Blau, stand-up comedy with the Shameless troupe, and a 9-to-5 job. https://leipglo.com

Never getting into German comedy could be what nudged the Polish Kuba into English stand-up.

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Polyglot Open Mic

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It epitomizes and reflects the creative free spirit and tolerance of this city.

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English Theatre – What makes a killer?

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This play will bombard you with audio, visual, emotional input to question whether it is Roberto Zucco’ s background, upbringing, surroundings, desires, notion of evil or madness that drives him to take the lives of others.

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