Jane Whyatt

Jane Whyatt is a British journalist who has worked for the BBC and founded her own start-up media production company in London. Since 2015, she has lived and worked in Leipzig at the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and the Lie Detectors media literacy campaign. Now she is freelancing for the new European newspaper, Kultur öffnet Welten, The Leipzig Glocal and the award-winning TV production house Sinam Production.

Flamenco Vivo brings duende to Leipzig

Leipzig Glocal writer Jane Whyatt thought she knew flamenco. A recent performance by Flamenco Vivo at the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig changed all that.


Sammy H. Stephens: Leipzig told in song


Much as we all love our city—and especially our district or Kiez—there is a special thrill when it's mentioned in a song.


Gemrieli: a taste of Georgian hospitality


It is said that if you can touch the table with one finger between the many dishes at a Georgian supra, there are not enough! Georgian hospitality is the stuff of legend. Traditional home-cooked food and fine wines attracted 1.6 million international tourists to Georgia in 2022 – many on gastronomic and wine-tasting tours. So


Sistanagila: solidarity with Iran protestors


Shaking with emotion, the singer places her mobile phone on the music stand. She picks up the microphone. The Leipzig Gewandhaus is hushed and tense. Struggling to hold her voice steady, the young woman in western dress sings the lyrics relayed to her phone via Twitter. It is a new protest song direct from the