Lynne Tiller

Lynne Tiller is a professional photographer and qualified journalist with the International News Syndicate, Ltd. She has called Germany home since moving there from her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, in 2004. She is now based in Halle (Saale).

Queen Elizabeth: the sun sets on the Empire


“How do you feel about your head of state dying?” My colleague’s question took me by surprise. Being Australian, I suppose the death of Queen Eizabeth doesn’t really affect me. On the other hand, it’s like the sun has fallen out of the sky. Last Monday, millions of people from the far reaches of the


Pussy Riot – a story of protest and resistance


How does one describe a Pussy Riot performance? Music? Theatre? Activism? Art? Curiosity led a select public to their intimate concert at Täubchenthal in Leipzig on Friday night. Some, perhaps, in the hope of answering that question. The latest Pussy Riot mixed tape released out of the States is “Matriarchy Now“. Anyone expecting to be


Pussy Riot: Riot Days in Leipzig


“Art is changing the world” – Pussy Riot I spoke to Olga Borisova, key performer of Pussy Riot’s four-woman “Riot Days” anti-war tour. Along with fellow group members Taso Pletner, Masha Aljochina, and Diana Burkot, she will be aiming to change the world through art. They are performing at the Leipziger Täubchenthal on Friday, 9


Tanzlabor: Klare Kante


As Leipzig opened up after its Covid-induced cultural drought, Tanzlabor was working on a cure to lockdown isolation. On the weekend of 4 March, the city of Leipzig introduced its long-anticipated relaxing of restrictions. Admission to events stepped down to the 3G regulation. Requiring visitors to (only!) prove that they are vaccinated, recently recovered, or