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Pokemon GO spreads its tentacles to Germany

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Pokemon Go is the latest tech mania and has arrived in Germany and Europe in general. Read about it here. https://leipglo.com

How much responsibility should we, as a society, expect from the tech giants, since they have the power to steer what we see and use, and even what we like and think we need? How much responsibility rests on Pokemon GO’s users?

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#LOVEzig: my beer or yours?

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Can one find true happiness over a beer?

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6 tips to learn German faster

in Glocal/Start up by

StoryPlanet provides some tips on how to make learning German less complicated and more fun, and shares info on its ongoing crowdfunding campaign for developing a new learning tool.

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TiMMi – The Social Delivery Service

in Community/Start up by

TiMMi came out of the drive to make a positive contribution toward helping resolve a few societal challenges.

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Crowdfunding 24 hours later

in Start up/Travel by

How do you turn the desire to debunk stereotypes (in this case, about African countries and peoples) into a business idea?

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